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The True Story Of Canadian Human Trafficking

This is the true story chronicles the perspective of its victims, the methods used for recruiting girls, the men who use them, the men who knowingly and sometimes unknowingly fuel the industry and the brave politicians and organizations who are in a constant fight to stop the industry and keep our nation strong and free from it.

The story revolves around Abby Summers – a high school student from Markham, Ontario with a special love for soccer and dreams of a great future. After receiving a message on social media from a new guy named Jake, the two form a friendship online. Abby begins to date Jake and falls for him quickly even imagining a future together with him. Her hope suffers a bad turn when he convinces her to sell herself to men for one night. As happens with many similar girls, one night turns into many with Jake convincing her to take a trip with him across Canada to make a lot of money for their life together. When Abby finally wants out she discovers she is trapped.

Meanwhile, an Ottawa Member of Parliament, Joy Smith, struggles to build support for a human trafficking bill to ensure minimum sentences are given to anyone convicted of luring girls into sex slavery. It is an uphill battle with many not believing human trafficking is happening to Canadian girls. Joy struggles to get her bill passed while working together with police and Abby's mother to rescue her from the underground prison of human trafficking.

Published by Castle Quay Books


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